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Kevin Anderson Michele Earlewine Michael Earlewine Sarah Dufour
Chelsea Rack Pack
Michael Wine Chelsea Earlewine Gary Anderson
Jeff Stoppenhagen Alan Anderson

We are The Christi Anderson Rack Pack Foundation and our goal is to make sure nobody has to go through breast cancer treatment alone.  Health challenges can be devastating to the body, the spirit, the budget, the family, the workplace.  Being fortunate enough to have a support team during a crisis can make a huge difference in your ability to cope with it.  Having personally gone through several family situations involving cancer very recently, we feel properly equipped to help – with a care bag, a gift card for gas or groceries, a hug, a text message, a phone call, a friend. We want you to know that you have someone to go through this cancer experience with – someone on YOUR team.  The Rack Pack’s got your back!

If you know someone going through breast cancer treatment who could use some help, sponsor a LoveHandles care bag for them!   There are many organizations raising funds to find a cure.  We wholeheartedly support their cause and enthusiastically join in their fundraising activities.  In the meantime, we have thousands of women (and yes, some men, too) currently undergoing breast cancer treatment – some of them are alone.  Help us bring them some joy and a little comfort.

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