Please donate any amount — every dollar helps us make bags for people in treatment! Just click on the donate button to the right and follow the instructions. Thank you!!!

LoveHandles Care Bag Item Donations
The Rack Pack is continually collecting supplies for our care bags. If you would like to donate any items for the bags, here is the list of ongoing needs. We also appreciate help with some sewing projects to provide handmade items for the care bags.

1.     Women’s fuzzy socks (the really soft microfiber type) – in bright colors. We usually get these at Ross or the grocery store (can also order online).
2.     Sudoku, word search or crossword puzzle tablets.  Dollar Tree is the best place to get these.
3.     Women’s hats and scarves.
4.     Packages of thank-you notes or blank type notes with envelopes.  Bright colors or cute designs.
5.     Decks of playing cards. Other small card games are great, too.
6.    Small journals (we usually find these at Michael’s craft stores in the $1.50 bins, Walmart also carries some.  Bright colors please.
7.    Travel pillow – we get these at Walgreen’s.  It is called World’s Best Travel Pillow and is a rectangular shape (not the curved neck roll shape).  They should be about $4.99 each.  We make a really soft minkie pillowcase for these.  They are great in the car or in the infusion chair.
8.    Purse sized Kleenex.
9.    Packages of mints (individually wrapped or Tic Tacs, etc.) and gum (prefer sugarless).
10.  Packages of cute pencils and good quality pens.

*To donate items, please email for drop off or mailing address

LoveHandles Care Bag
If you feel so inclined, you can sponsor a bag for a breast cancer patient in Utah for 75 dollars! The bags are hand delivered or Priority mailed by the Rack Pack directly to a patient undergoing treatment. The bags include personal comfort items to help during chemotherapy/radiation treatments, such as: journal, emesis bag, travel pillow/throw blanket, toiletries, crossword puzzles, fuzzy socks, piece of jewelry and much more. If you sponsor a bag, the handwritten card will include your name on it, as well as The Rack Pack.

Bags are heavy microfiber or canvas, pockets on the outside, attached coin purse. Size of the bag is 12 inches by 12 inches, 5 inches deep. The handles have a 12 inch drop. The bags are various cute colorful designs.

If you would like the bag shipped to a specific patient you know, please provide the name and address in your order and we will ship it to that person.

Sponsor one bag -$75
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